Yoes Lookout

Exploration at the Yoe’s Lookout target, located approximately 6km east of Sorpresa has defined multiple targets:

Target 1: represents a structurally controlled, sediment (BIF) / greenstone hosted, orogenic gold target, currently defined as a >1.7km long, coherent gold in auger (>20ppb Au, up to 1.62g/t Au) geochemical anomaly which remains open to the south.

Within the larger anomaly infill auger drilling has defined a gold ‘hot spot’ >400m x >150m, with a NW-SE orientated high grade zone (>100ppb , up to 0.78g/t Au) with discrete magnetic high ‘pimples’. Rock chip results up to 3.4g/t, & 2.3g/t Au rock chips have been discovered and a single RC drill traverse returned 9m @ 0.52g/t Au, Incl. 2m @ 1.6g/t Au to north of ‘hot spot’.

A second target is interpreted to represent a possible ‘blind’ Skarn style target to a distal Porphyry Cu-Au. This target is associated with a linear magnetic high anomaly (800m x 200m), with an up to 200m wide zone of pervasive silica alteration, peripheral skarn float with sulphide – magnetite and peripheral tonalite intrusive float. Up to 59ppb Au & 0.13% Cu with silica-pyrite alteration & a quartz-feldspar porphyry has been observed in auger drilling. A Magnetic Inversion model has been completed and this target has been RC drilled producing significant widths of Cu anomalism with gold and elevated vanadium.


Based on outcrops, float trails, RC & auger chip logging a diverse range of lithology’s are present, including, Andesite to basalt lavas, sills/dykes & volcaniclastic siltstone-sandstone-conglomerate, including pyroxene porphyry. Linear belts of fine grained siliceous rocks, consisting of quartzite and pervasive silica altered volcaniclastic horizons are also present. Localised calcic skarn style, implying calcareous volcaniclastic siltstone horizons within the stratigraphic package are also observed.

Extensive selective pervasive hydrothermal alteration has been identified, including sericite - carbonate – chlorite - pyrite alteration, with carbonate-pyrite veinlets. Sulphidation (pyrite ± pyrrhotite ± arsenopyrite ± chalcopyrite) have been observed in float trails within grazing & crop paddocks.

Gold mineralisation is associated with multi-stage quartz-sulphide, carbonate-sulphide & sulphide (pyrite) rich stockwork veining. Gold mineralisation is spatially associated with a major NE-SW striking shear zone in the hinge zone of major isoclinal fold based on a basement auger geology map & magnetic interpretation.

Highlight gold rock chip results include 3.4g/t Au, 2.3g/t Au, 2.0g/t Au, 1.9g/t Au, and 1.5g/t Au

Auger drilling has been used extensively at Yoes Lookout, covering an area 1.7km x 0.9km. The auger drilling has defined a large, >1.7km NNE-SSW striking, coherent, high amplitude Au in auger geochemical anomaly (>20ppb Au, up to 1,620ppb Au). The Au auger anomaly is open to the south where auger drilling is ongoing.

A high resolution aeromagnetic & radiometric survey covers the Yoes Lookout prospect, with interpretation confirming anomalous gold in rock chip, soil & auger drilling is spatially associated with major regional NNE & NE trending shear zones. Discrete undrilled magnetic high anomalies are associated with the gold anomalism.