The discovery of Sorpresa has enhanced the understanding of the greater prospectivity of the larger Fifield District (click here to see Geological Setting). At a time when most peer junior companies have been reducing exploration activity, Rimfire has adopted a countercyclical strategy and increased exploration work programs to capitalize on cheaper exploration costs in drilling, assaying, and project staffing.

In the past 2 years Rimfire made important advances in regional exploration producing an extensive target list. These resultant targets are continually assessed and prioritized into a disciplined prospect pyramid (click here) to ensure exploration spend is directed to the best targets. within known constraints.

Multiple target styles have emerged; Sorpresa like Carbonate Base Metal Epithermal Au/Ag mineralisation, evidence of possible distal Cu-Au porphyry, Tritton like Besshi style Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) Cu-Au deposit, sediment hosted, orogenic gold style and magmatic Cu-PGE.

Exploration utilizing rapid and cost effective techniques such as prospecting, reconnaissance mapping, rock chip & soil sampling, auger and RAB drillingare used to define targets for direct RC drilling (Click Here).

At the same time RC drilling programs on regional targets have also advanced in the past 18 months, with numerous high grade gold intersections produced.