Located approximately 6.8km SW of Sorpresa, field exploration was directed to the Carlisle property based on a regional aeromagnetic structural interpretation, regional gold in rock chip trends, a diffuse magnetic high anomaly & a botanical anomaly evident in the satellite imagery. This work discovered outcropping ironstone and two outcrops of fresh sulphides comprising quartz-pyrite-arsenopyrite veined pyritic quartzite in a NNE trending shear zone.

First pass rock chip results including 13.7g/t Au, 7.29g/t Au, 7.02g/t Au & 6.22g/t Au, were followed up with further mapping, soil geochemistry and rock chip sampling which has generated even higher grade results including 23g/t Au, 13.75g/t Au, 12.55g/t Au and 9.6g/t Au. Disseminated arsenopyrite – pyrite is observed pervading the wall rocks & a late gossanous breccia event is interpreted to produce the >10g/t Au results.

A basement window of approximately 85m long x 40m wide of sub-crop and float on a small hill has been identified with 20 rock chip samples taken, of which 85% returned results > 1g/t, and 20% > 10g/t Au up to 23g/t Au. Extensions away from the small hill under very shallow soil cover have now been defined via soil sampling revealing a 350m NNE striking gold and arsenic anomaly.

Concurrent 3D inversion modelling of high resolution aeromagnetic and radiometric data revealed a structural interpretation underlying the high grade gold rock chips invoking a regional curvilinear ‘fertile’ thrust fault. This potentially daylights close to the high grade gold rock chips.

Second order faults from the main thrust fault also display surface gold results up to 1.1g/t Au and trace native copper in sub-crop. This structural model revealed in magnetic inversion modelling shows similarities to the current Sorpresa structural understanding, and rift basin stratigraphy, some 6.8kms to the NE.

An RC drilling program consisting of 8 holes for 512m (Fi0429 to Fi0436) targeted the high grade rock chip geochemical anomaly outcrop and returned highly encouraging results:

  • 7m @ 1.47g/t Au from 0m (Fi0429), (Incl. 2m @ 4.35g/t Au from 3m),
  • 4m @ 1.79g/t Au from 6m (Fi0434), (Incl. 2m @ 2.29g/t Au from 8m),
  • 4m @ 1.02g/t Au from 12m (Fi0436) *Screen fire assay of this interval returned 1m @ 4.16g/t Au from 13m.
  • Highly anomalous fpXRF Cu results up to 854ppm Cu has also been observed, consistent with the geological / mineralisation model.

The drill results now confirm the high grade gold rock chip results of 23g/t Au, 13.7g/t Au, 7.29g/t Au, 7.02g/t Au and 6.22g/t Au, continue into the subsurface and represent a significant emerging drill target. Geological logging indicates the mineralisation occurs along a gently east dipping (-32 degree) silica-gossan/sulphide zone, hosted at the contact between meta-sediments and a dolerite sill.

Gold and arsenic anomalism in soil sampling over Carlilse Target 1 clearly show strike extensions to the currently drilled mineralization, which will be followed up with further RC drilling.